Introducing ZebPay OTC

Cryptocurrency investors dealing in larger quantities require special services purpose-built towards easing their trading experience. ZebPay OTC is the first of many strides we are taking towards meeting these needs.

ZebPay OTC is a bespoke over-the-counter service aimed at individual and institutional investors trading large quantities of Bitcoin (5 BTC or more).

If you or your institution are looking to trade blocks of 5, 20, or even 200 Bitcoin, we offer deeper liquidity and a private, more personalized service for large orders that would be hard to fill on the open exchange. ZebPay OTC will find matching counterparties for you with the quickest settlement time and minimum slippage cost.

Our white-glove service is available at every stage of the trading process — from the initial expert consultation to order execution, with trade reporting and market insights.

Our goal is to answer all your questions and build a comfortable, long-lasting relationship. Success, for us, is a ZebPay OTC that is the hub for investors in India, for whom we are the first point of call.

Our OTC desk services are presently available Monday to Friday, 9 AM — 6 PM IST.

Getting Started

To join ZebPay OTC you must first have a KYC-verified ZebPay account. Then sign on as a new user on Your request will be processed by a trade representative within 48 hours.

Institutional investors can receive personalized assistance in setting up corporate accounts.

After sign-up, you can place a buy/sell order in seconds on the OTC order panel. The trade desk will receive your order and match it against a counterparty based on market liquidity.

All order communications are done via an exclusive, secure Telegram address. While orders may take time to get filled, ZebPay is the most liquid BTC-INR market in the world today.

ZebPay OTC is India’s first comprehensive cryptocurrency OTC desk built from the ground up to serve individuals and institutions.


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