Top 10 Crypto Airdrops of 2022

Airdrops allow users to earn free crypto by completing simple tasks and are wildly popular in the crypto space. Airdrops are a good option for new crypto projects to increase awareness and community engagement. First, let us understand what an airdrop is before listing down the best crypto airdrops.

What is airdrop crypto?

An airdrop can be described as a marketing strategy implemented by new crypto projects where they distribute free tokens among their users. Before a new listing or an initial coin offering, airdrops can increase the circulation of tokens and ownership.

So how do airdrops work? Any user can become eligible for an airdrop by completing the requirements set by the crypto project. In some instances, users can opt into a raffle draw and have a chance to earn tokens. Users may complete simple tasks like following a Twitter account or joining their Discord community to earn crypto rewards. Lastly, crypto projects automatically distribute tokens to holders of other tokens like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Best crypto airdrops in 2022


Users have to use in-game assets to feed pets and get them toys in Tamadoge. This play-to-earn game provides users with rewards for taking care of their digital pets and ranks users on its leaderboards.

Tamadoge gained popularity due to the massive giveaways they host. For example, users who hold more than $100 in TAMA, its native token, can complete nine easy tasks to earn a chance to win $100,000.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is a fantasy league-style play-to-earn game and is decentralized. Battle Infinity allows users to build sports teams and compete against others around the world as it is integrated with the metaverse.

This project is giving away $3000 IBAT, its native token. In return, users complete simple tasks such as following the brand on social media. All future airdrops are announced on their Telegram channel.

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is an NFT and crypto competition platform based on the Binance Smart chain. Luck Block ensures its users have a fair gaming experience as it is decentralized and governed by smart contracts.

Each Lucky Block NFT collection is connected to a competition. They pick a winner after every NFT in the collection is sold out. For example, if a user buys a platinum roller club NFT, they have a chance to win a Lamborghini car.


The Basic Attention Token is a crypto project running on the Ethereum blockchain. The BAT token is integrated with the Brave browser and aims to improve advertising on the internet. It analyzes your attention to each ad and rewards you for it.

Users stand to win random crypto rewards every 30 days. To participate, users should simply download the Brave web browser and enable its rewards program.


One of the major drawbacks of Bitcoin is that it is not a Defi-enabled blockchain. DefiChian is trying to change this and improve the effectiveness of Bitcoin. It will offer support for the Defi application to run on the Bitcoin platform.

DefiChain will give away $30 in DFI tokens to all new users and has partnered with Cake Defi to do so. DefiChain is also giving an 11% bonus on your initial deposit as a bonus.


PulseChian was formed by the hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain. The goal of PulseChain is to provide its users with a better operating experience. It also aims to be cheaper, more efficient, and faster than Ethereum.

PulseChain will airdrop its native token, PLS, to anyone with ETH in their wallet. This airdrop is one of the biggest in crypto history and the airdrop will be done at a 1:1 ratio. However, users have to shift any airdropped crypto to another wallet within 30 days, cryptos will be burned.


Tidex is a blockchain ecosystem that includes a crypto exchange. Tidex has more than 70 tokens and 100 crypto pairs for trading.

Tidex is distributing about 20 million TDX tokens to its users. Up to 200 TDX can be claimed by each user for their account. Users must first open a new account on its exchange and deposit $20 to be eligible for this airdrop.

DAO Labs

This project has a network all over the world and is a dApp research and development project. Many blockchains collaborate to support businesses to create unique modes of governance.

By just completing a set of simple tasks, DAO Labs is airdropping up to 60 BUSD as rewards for completing the tasks. These tasks involve following their social media channels and filling out a form on the DAO Labs website. The amount of BUSD you earn depends on the points you collect.


One of the most popular centralized crypto exchanges is Binance. Binance has over 30 million users around the world.

Users can earn crypto through airdrops through several opportunities available on this platform. This platform hosts many trading tournaments and giveaways for its active users. Once a user creates an account on this platform, the user has access to NFT mystery boxes, airdrops like a share of 90,000 BUSD, and other prizes worth $4,000.


Today, MetaMask is one of the most popular crypto wallets. MetaMasks enables fast transactions on all platforms and keeps your crypto secure.

It has been rumored that this platform has been working on its crypto token. An exciting new airdrop will accompany the launch of this token. While it is not clear if this will happen in 2022, it is still one of the most anticipated airdrops.

How do free airdrops work?

There are many types of airdrops. The first type of airdrop is called a standard airdrop. Users must opt into a giveaway or raffle to have a chance at winning free crypto in these types of airdrops.

Another type of airdrop is called a holder airdrop. In this airdrop, a project might decide to airdrop their tokens to users who already have some crypto tokens. For example, if a user holds some BTC in their wallet, they can link it to the required platform and receive their crypto tokens for free.

The last type of airdrop requires users to complete simple tasks to earn free crypto tokens. Users do not pay money to earn tokens; they pay with their privacy and their time as they might have to follow social media pages with accounts linked to their wallets.

Final Thoughts

Most crypto airdrops are simply a marketing strategy. Users might get lucky and earn rewards worth thousands of dollars for free. Many promising crypto airdrops are coming up soon. Users can use tracking websites like to find all the popular airdrops.

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