What Are Crypto LaunchPads: A Complete Guide

4 min readNov 6, 2023

From startup founders to industry leaders, the allure of blockchain and crypto has witnessed exponential growth. However, diving into the world of crypto projects can be intimidating without the right experience. Crypto launchpads offer a solution by providing a user-friendly platform for launching new projects and raising funds, benefiting both investors and founders.

What is a Crypto Launchpad?

A crypto launchpad functions as an incubator for new blockchain projects, allowing them to raise funds while granting investors early access to their tokens. These platforms facilitate the token launch process, including issuance, distribution, and management. Additionally, launchpads may offer marketing and community support to enhance project visibility and attract investments.

How Does a Crypto Launchpad Work?

The working of a crypto launchpad involves several stages. The first step entails submitting a project proposal, which is reviewed and approved by the launchpad before proceeding.

Upon approval, the launchpad team assists the project in creating its native token, including determining tokenomics like total supply and distribution.

The token is then made available for sale on the platform, either through fixed prices or auction formats, allowing investors who have signed up for the launchpad to purchase tokens with their crypto funds.

Post-sale, the launchpad provides further support by aiding projects in getting their tokens listed on crypto exchanges and helping with marketing and community building.

Types of Crypto Launchpads

Various types of crypto launchpads cater to different needs:

1. Exchange Launchpads: Run by crypto exchanges, they allow projects to launch tokens directly on the exchange, reducing listing barriers. Examples include Binance Launchpad and Huobi Prime.

2. Standalone Launchpads: Independent platforms specializing in helping projects launch tokens, providing focused assistance and advice. Examples include DuckSTARTER and DAO Maker.

3. Community Launchpads: Relying on community support to select and launch new projects, aiding projects in building communities from an early stage. Examples include Polkastarter and TrustPad.

4. Venture Capital Launchpads: Run by venture capital firms, offering funding and support to new crypto projects. Examples include Alphabit Fund and AU21 Capital.

5. Blockchain-based Launchpads: Built on specific blockchains, these utilize blockchain features to provide token launch services within a single network. Examples include the Polkadot Launchpad and Cardano Launchpad.

Benefits of Using a Crypto Launchpad

1. Funding Access: Simplifies the funding process, providing access to a large pool of potential investors for project development.

2. Expertise: Offers guidance through experienced token sale processes, ensuring investor appeal and compliance with regulations.

3. Post-Sale Support: Assists projects in marketing, community building, and achieving long-term success.

4. Legitimacy: Vets both projects and investors to reduce fraud and ensure legitimacy.

Launchpad Ecosystem

The launchpad ecosystem comprises various elements, including launchpads themselves, crypto exchanges for liquidity post-token sale, venture capitalists providing funding and support, and passionate communities for project engagement and transparency.

How to Use a Crypto Launchpad?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on using a crypto launchpad:

1. Research Launchpads: Research different launchpads, comparing their features and services to find one that suits your needs.

2. Submit Your Project: After selecting a launchpad, submit your project proposal for review and approval.

3. Token Creation: Once approved, the launchpad team assists in creating your native token, and determining tokenomics.

4. Token Sale: The Launchpad team helps launch your token sale, enabling investors to purchase tokens with crypto funds.

5. Post-Sale Stage: Support continues with getting your token listed on crypto exchanges and assisting in marketing and community building.

Future of Crypto Launchpads

As the startup ecosystem and demand for blockchain solutions grow, crypto launchpads’ relevance is expected to surge. Government support and regulation may drive more projects towards launchpads for financing, fostering innovation and blockchain engagement.


Crypto launchpads have revolutionized the way new blockchain projects raise funds and gain exposure. Offering a streamlined platform, they empower entrepreneurs to launch projects and investors to access new tokens early. As the blockchain industry expands, the demand for launchpads will grow, opening new opportunities for both entrepreneurs and investors.

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